Blog 2: The Researcher is Already Within Us

Female researcher taking notes

This article hit me on all levels. I could totally relate to everything they were saying. The authors brought up very important points that undergraduates today have to deal with. I believe that researching has to be made fun and simple. Educators on the undergraduate level don’t always do a good job of accurately informing students of how they should conduct research.

Students do not need to abandon their pre-developed research identity. This is a part of what makes them the researcher that they are today. The rules for research need to be universal so that it is less confusing for students. It is not uncommon for different instructors to have different viewpoints for what is acceptable and unacceptable in terms of researching.

As technology continues to expand and develop throughout the years, legitimate materials will likewise change as well. I believe some instructors of today are stuck in the old ways in terms of educational content and researching. They really need to become more open minded and understand that the youth can teach them as well. I personally believe that as people tap into more technology and digital communication what we consider research will likewise change also.



Author: writeannabella

Anna Bella is a former Nathan Weiss graduate school student who has her M.A. of Writing Studies. She has her B.A. in English with a minor in Management. Anna plans to become a successful author and wants to help promote writing among the youth in her local community. She loves to swim, dance, bake and cook. "I write to know and understand myself.”

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