Blog 4: Writing in the Future


Both of the articles for this week was considering the future trends of writing. I liked Ann Amicucci’s How They Really Talk article the best this week. I’ve read a lot of articles similar to this one. These articles hint to a growing concern on where writing is heading and how digital interfaces can be used in education inside writing and beyond.

I don’t think we need to be concerned about this. This class and the other classes that I have had with Dr. Zamora demonstrate to me that the transition into using digital environments in learning is working out very effectively and will continue to do so over the next few years. Even during my undergraduate experience this was shown to be true and only increased during the years I was still an undergrad. I can only speak for my experience though.

I definitely agree with this fact because I like to have a wider audience than just my classroom. I get to meet new people over the internet and develop a greater network than I would get through just sharing within the classroom environment.

“Students’ own perspectives have been largely missing.” (Amicucci 484) Amicucci brought out a good point regarding the research done about digital usage. Not only teachers should be the source of the research we read about but also we the students. We have the hands on usage of these tools and sometimes we can even contribute ideas that teachers would never think about.


Author: writeannabella

Anna Bella is a former Nathan Weiss graduate school student who has her M.A. of Writing Studies. She has her B.A. in English with a minor in Management. Anna plans to become a successful author and wants to help promote writing among the youth in her local community. She loves to swim, dance, bake and cook. "I write to know and understand myself.”

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