Blog 7: Social Action

This week’s readings were great. I’m glad that there is a movement for youth to have their voices heard in terms of social justice. There are too many youth of today that are lost in FB, Twitter and other forms of interaction focusing on things that don’t matter. They really need to get involved in movements that actually matter. Young people are the future. In the time of segregation and injustice towards blacks, it was the youth who helped boosted the movement along with older people. Every voice counts and everyone can do something.


Author: writeannabella

Anna Bella is a former Nathan Weiss graduate school student who has her M.A. of Writing Studies. She has her B.A. in English with a minor in Management. Anna plans to become a successful author and wants to help promote writing among the youth in her local community. She loves to swim, dance, bake and cook. "I write to know and understand myself.”

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